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The Detroit Legacy Group provides communities with increase property value via positive press, building renovations, housing, shopping and restaurant facilities. Providing prospective tenants with luxury fair housing options, and purchase options for real estate companies, investors, developers, and nonprofit organizations in the Metropolitan Detroit region.

The company also seeks to develop and plan surrounding Detroit cities, neighborhoods, and communities for prospective future clientele. The Detroit Legacy Group provides awareness of and seeks to create, eye-catching facility design and building renovation. Throughout the planning process we provide responsive customer relations, brokering, and strategic development.


By developing youth through incorporating them and the community in our vision and core values, we can ensure constant and never ending future development, within inner city communities, neighborhoods, and urban areas.


Dedicating planning to the revamping and renovating of dilapidated facilities and bringing a more attractive ambiance to prospective consumers, businesses, and organizations. Boosting the socio-economic condition of economically challenged communities.


In recognition of the economic and social challenges that affect urban, inner city, and metro communities we have dedicated our vision to empowering the youth, thus creating longevity and an understanding of constant community maintenance and upkeep.

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