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The Detroit Legacy Group is a youth oriented development company focused on helping to rebuild communities and providing positive press within the community. Through planning and development and by incorporating youth in our vision, sustainability and longevity can be acheived. By developing youth through incorporating them and the community in our vision and core values, we can ensure constant and never ending future development within cities and communities near and far.

Eric Andrews



Mr. Andrews is looking to pursue his childhood dream of contributing to the redevelopment of Detroit. He greatly enjoys  and appreciates the European influence, architectural detail and history of Detroit.

His resume includes four years of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University, chief owner and entreprenuer at The Good Life Collection, LLC; a multi-media production company ranging from photography to website design. Seven years of Property Management experience from new construction, leasing, property management, market analysis, customer service,  demographics, fair housing, curb appeal, corporate outreach and even  a working mentor  relationship  with Detroit's late urban developer Colin Hubbell for a short period before his untimely demise.

He feels deeply that Detroit is a beautiful city that is constantly clouded and over shadowed by negative press. His mission is to put his broad experience and skill set to work with The Detroit Legacy Group to help revamp and revitalize his native city.  Learn More at Brick & Mortar | Detroit

Cedasha Randolph


Public Relations

Ms. Randolph is a native Detroiter who is passionate about helping the city of Detroit reach its full potential and communicating positive press on the happenings in Detroit to the world. She is a graduate of Michigan State University and is determined to use her talents and skills in public relations​ and social media to reveal the true magnificence of Detroit.

As the Director of Public Relations for The Detroit Legacy Group, Cedasha plans to use her knowledge and expertise to aid The Detroit Legacy Group reach extraordinary heights of success.

Emily Ford


Anthony Smith


Project Management

Mr. Smith was born in Houston, Texas and moved to Detroit, Michigan at the young age of nine. Growing up in the Boston Edison area he saw the city's potential and grew to love downtown Detroit's cityscape and rich architectural history. He holds a genuine love and interest for alternative technologies, from energy and design to smart living capabilities. He plans to integrate these ideas to assist in making Detroit the modern metropolis that he knows it can and will be. 

Proficient in many areas of building maintenance such as upkeep, carpentry, interior design, and project management, he will bring a fresh & unique perspective as project manager to the Detroit Legacy Group's vision.






Brittany Washington


Financial Management

Ms. Washington currently holds the position of Finance Manager for The Detroit Legacy Group. She is a Michigan State University graduate and possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance.

She recently embraked on her journey at Wayne State University towards a Master of Business Administration. She has a very diverse academic background and professional work experience. She has brought a  broad and substantial amount of knowledge and skills to The Detroit Legacy Group. 


Additionally, she has worked in several different tiers of the corporate business structure holding a diverse array of positions, ranging from administration, marketing, management and accounting. Her vision to rebuild, redevelop, and revitalize the community includes providing luxury housing, entertainment, and a meeting place where individuals from all walks of life can gather and freely express their culture and artistic talents. 

Justin Walter


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